November 2018 - Website Development

How do I add a video in Amazon

How do I add a video? 1. Log into Seller Central Central and select Enhanced Brand Content from the Advertising tab. Select the SKU that you would like to add the video and hit the ‘Get Started’ button. Upload your video file. Amazon accepts 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, and MPEG-2 files. 2. Fill out the Video title and Video description. While customers will not see this, Amazon will use the description for video categorization. 3. ‘Submit Changes’! Remember, your video will not automatically appear on your listing. It can take up to six hours for videos to be uploaded to your listing. Once your video is live it will appear under the image thumbnails on your listing page. By using video effectively, you can enhance the shopping experience for your customers leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales for your brand. Good luck sellers and videographers!

How to sell on Amazon

Amazon offers a number of ways through which online retailers can sell inventory, but choosing which program to use to sell on Amazon can be a challenge. Keep in mind that managing accounts on Amazon takes time and knowledge on the part of the seller. Amazon has particular requirements for its Marketplace and a considerable amount of time and knowledge are necessary to manage these campaigns. Still interested? Keep reading to learn how to list on the Amazon Marketplace and place ads on Amazon. 1. What is the Amazon Marketplace? The Amazon Marketplace is one of the most well-known marketing channels for online retailers. To list products on the Amazon Marketplace, sellers are required to set up an account, and send Amazon a product feed. As seen in the example below, Marketplace listings are the seller results that appear when a query is typed into the search box.   The Amazon Marketplace program does not link shoppers to a merchant’s site, as all transactions are performed on 2. How Should I Sell on Amazon? Below are the major ways you can sell on Amazon, and some qualifications to help you decide which selling option is best for your online store.   Sell

How to Add a User to Amazon Seller Central

When sellers first set up their Amazon Seller Central account, typically only the original registered user can access the features of Seller Central. Eventually, sellers may opt to share their account with others including a co-worker who wants to manager their orders or handle shipping confirmations. To add users or adjust user permissions, sellers should use the User Permissions feature. Amazon Seller Central uses an invitation model to manage their user accounts. First, users are invited to create an account on Seller Central to access their storefront; then, the account manager (also called the account administrator) configures the permissions for that user. According to Amazon, by inviting users into the system and then configuring their permissions, they are assured that the appropriate user accounts are linked to the right owners, and that the correct permissions apply to the intended users. The invitation model also helps sellers to fully manage user accounts without assistance from an Amazon Payments administrator. How to add a user to an Amazon Seller Central account: To set up users, first the account manager must set up the initial account using the Amazon Checkout registration process. After setting up the initial account, the account manager then compiles a list of people who can access the system and determines