February 2019 - Website Development

Guide to A+ Content in Amazon Vendor Central

Guide to A+ Content in Amazon Vendor Central By now, you’re familiar with the many benefits of selling on Amazon. But you also know there are some real downsides. Their platform places certain limitations on how you’re able to present your products. They decide things like where on the page photos and text go and how many pictures and characters you’re allowed. For vendors who use it, A+ Content provides more ways to share information with the people who visit your product page. With A+ Content, you can offer additional text, larger images, and product comparison charts. In some cases, you can even share multimedia content like videos and interactive features to your product listing. The top of your product page will still look the same as it did before. However, anyone who scrolls further down the page will see your A+ Content in a section labeled, “From the Manufacturer.” It’s above the reviews and below the similar products Amazon features on the page. And, while A+ Content used to cost money, as of the beginning of 2018, Basic A+ Content is free to first-party sellers using Vendor Central. Should You Use A+ Content? If you’re a third-party Amazon seller who uses