Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content EBC.

Are you in need of a few extra sales boost? Or do you already have a smashing sales record and want to continue dominating the market?

Enhanced brand Content is quite the trend alongst most Amazon US sellers. Do Enhanced brand content listings give that additional push to your Amazon listings as claimed?

amazon enhanced brand content

Amazon is an extremely crowded marketplace, with thousands of sellers for a single product. Most savvy sellers would do everything possible to differentiate and safeguard their product from the pool of competitor products. EBC helps you differentiate the listing from the whole niche and is a factor that can improve your conversions and also increase sales. With EBC, you optimize your Amazon listing by conveying a brand value, providing customer relevance and increasing customer engagement.

What is Enhanced Brand Content or the Amazon EBC?

Enhanced Brand content or the EBC is an Amazon feature that enables brand owners to modify the product description with visually rich content. It allows sellers to add enhanced images and text placements that convey a brand story.

The Enhanced Brand content pages for Seller Central are the Vendor central Amazon A plus content alternatives.

Guidelines and rules for Enhanced Brand Content

The EBC features are available to products registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

With a vast number of sellers diving into the Amazon marketplace, a brand registered seller gets more authority on his product listing. This would deter small sellers from tagging onto the listing as a private label seller reselling the same product as yours.

amazon brand registry

If you are not yet a brand registered seller, and you are planning to enroll your brand in the Amazon brand registry, ensure that your brand has a live registered trademark.

Before you apply for the trademark, verify that the trademark you have chosen has not yet been registered, nor has similarities to already registered trademarks by going through the Brand Registry Search. Also, confirm if Amazon Brand Registry accepts the trademarks issued in your country.

Another lesser-known benefit of the Amazon Brand Registry is the Early Reviewer program. Reviews hugely decide the rate at which your product sells, yet only 1% of your buyers bother to leave a review. With the early reviewer program, you pay $60 per SKU and Amazon randomly selects shoppers to review your products and they get credited around b in their account for the review. Though it does not guarantee you a good review, it still encourages your future customers to leave in reviews.

How much does the Enhanced Brand Content cost?

The Enhanced Brand Content is currently a free feature that does not cost you any money. But it is anticipated that Amazon will soon start charging for the Enhanced Brand content listings.

That is one of the primary reasons, why it is beneficial to incorporate EBC in your listings at the earliest. Even if it requires you to outsource the design and the photography of your product, the benefits will surely pay off the expenses.

Then, why aren’t all the people making use of the EBC yet? Let’s discuss five significant benefits of the EBC.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

1. Reduces immediate bounce offs

People are busy. They hardly spend a minute on the title or the image of the page. Just as their eyes fall on a product that looks a little more convincing, they immediately bounce off to the competitor product. This is especially true in niches where the competition rate is very high. EBC increases the customer engagement rate reducing these bounce offs.

People are naturally visual. Images have an emotional connecting factor. A picture can efficiently replace a hundred words. When you can successfully interest a potential buyer and convey the benefits of the product, it is more likely that they’ll make a purchase.

2. Sends a brand value and assurance

Let’s get into the customer’s shoes for a minute.
If you were to look at a typical product description and a precisely similar competitor product with enhanced brand content, which one would you consider buying?

Of course the competitor product with enhanced content. EBC etches a feeling of confidence of the brand value in the customer’s mind.

amazon ebc



amazon enhanced brand content

3. Increases the ROIs of paid product Ads

For products running paid ads, EBC can be an excellent advantage to convert to productive CTRs and to increase the order session percentage. Good EBC listings provide brand value propositions. It helps you increase the ROIs better than your competitors with the normal product listing.

4. Reduces product returns and even negative reviews!

If done correctly, EBC can convey the complete product information. A customer who already knows what to expect is less likely to come back to post a negative review or ask for a return.

Should I consider getting EBC?

There are quite a few things you’ll want to double check before you decide to go forward with EBC for your products.

1. Will the efforts pay off?

Are you serious about your Amazon sales or are you just a hobbyist? Will the cost of creating the design and the photography be obtained back from the profits you are expected to make?

2. Is the competition intense?

Does your product have quite a huge number of sellers? Do the competitors in your product niche already own EBC listings? Does your product category require you to have a better listing?

3. Is your product complicated?

Does your product fall into a category like electronics or appliance? Does it have too many features and applications that cannot be conveyed efficiently with the normal images and bullet points? Will your customers require an assurance that the product or the brand can be trusted?

Videos in the product listing

Enhanced Brand Content also permits selected sellers to upload videos in the product detail page. These Enhanced Brand content videos appear in two sections of the product detail page.

amazon ebc

1. Main image block – At the bottom of the image thumbnails; in the upper left-hand corner of the detail page.

2. Product Description Section – The video will appear in the Product Description under ‘From the manufacturer.’ The placement depends on the template choice.