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Bring the in-store experience online with a custom brand destination on The in-store experience is key for brands to drive shopper loyalty and increase sales. Stores—a new DIY solution that allows vendors and sellers to create their own brand stores on customers with an immersive virtual shopping experience. Why create an Amazon Store? Building a Store helps drive shopper engagement, with a curated destination for customers to not only shop your products but also learn more about your brand. Key features include: Unique design: Choose from a selection of design templates with varying store layouts and customizable features to best showcase your brand. Custom curation: Feature a dynamic or handpicked assortment of products along with optional multimedia content to enhance the customer shopping experience. Integrated promotion: Use built-in social features like social sharing buttons, coupled with promotional extensions such as Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads), to drive store awareness and traffic. Get the most out of your Store Customize your store space No two stores are the same—design yours to fit your brand and share it with customers via a unique store URL ( brand). The Store Builder tool empowers brand owners to create their own Stores in
Whether you are a seasoned eBay seller or just getting started, opening an eBay store is a great way to reach customers you may not have captured otherwise. If you have thought about starting your own business, opening an eBay store is a great way to enter the world of entrepreneurship. 1. More exposure. EBay reports that their store sellers see a average 25 percent increase in sales three months after opening their store. Opening an eBay store exposes your business to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers that may have otherwise never found you. 2. Repeat customers. Store owners are much more likely than regular sellers to get repeat buyers, especially if they provide good customer service. 3. Save time. Opening an eBay store can save you time with special features, such as automatic relisting of unsold items. You can set your Store Inventory listings to last for longer durations, including 30, 60, 90, 120 days or “Good ‘til Cancelled.” These listings automatically renew upon auction close if the item doesn’t sell. 4. Increased credibility. A professional-looking eBay Store gives you added credibility as an online retailer. Plus, you will have access to the eBay’s Business Resource Center, where you can download
eBay is one of the most the most known online businesses where individuals and companies can market their product to millions of user from all around the world. One of the most distinct advantages of eBay over others is that on eBay, one can sell anything, from new items to use, from cars to clothes, in any condition. An eBay Stores helps the seller to create a more organized shopping platform where buyers can learn more about you and your product. This helps you to expand your brand in a more manageable way and to market more efficiently. Not just this, eBay store provides the seller with the different set of tools to manage their store and opportunities to save loads and sale more. eBay helps you create a home page for your brand where you use different tools to market and optimize your product listing in a way that attracts more customers. The tools help you manage your store by categorizing the way you like it and also provides financial data to boost your traffic to bring in new and repeat buyers. With your eBay store subscription, the buyers get free listings and lower final fee that helps you
Ebay Stores Ideas The store will ask the individual who wishes to sell the product if there’s anything which should be added in the description of the goods. In addition, you must learn how many shops there are, how much they’re billing and, if it’s possible to find out, how well they’re doing. Often these on-line stores are going to have lower costs and also a larger variety than in store. Retail stores or businesses provide you with several lotions to pick from. You’re able to haggle a bit on cost with them as well, so you may save even more cash. Not bunches of choice or selection, but the cost is right and should you have finished some selling before on eBay, you are understand whether the things will sell. Their rates are competitive. Have your cost establish in your thoughts in advance and do not let yourself cover the selling price. The Start of Ebay Stores Choosing what sorts of products to really put on eBay might take just a little research. In case you’re selecting your goods, then you must know which shops already sell those products. The quicker you sell products, the larger gain you can
Ready to refresh your website? The start of the year is a great time to take a hard look at your existing design – or even new projects – and think about how to incorporate some of the latest trends into the framework. From functionality to color and typography, 2017 will be a year of new ideas and new visual concepts to explore. Some of those designs are already starting to pop up, providing you with just enough visual inspiration to get off to the right start in the new year. Let’s take a look. Web Design Trends 2017   1. Gradients                 Missing from the design landscape for a few years, gradients are making a major comeback. But the look of the color blurring technique has shifted. In the last round of gradients, there were subtle variations throughout the design. Apple’s iOS icons were a prime example. Now, gradients are big, bold and use plenty of color. The most popular usage is a two color gradient overlay on photos. (This technique can look absolutely amazing!) It’s a great option to switch up your look or to make a less-than-interesting photo a little