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Why Kostricani Technology?  Because we are the best!

Why Kostricani Technology

Fastest Expert eBay Designers on the web

  • Your eBay Templates are designed by our professional Team, with over 8 years of experience.
  • We don’t outsource things to make a buck. We don’t wait for the Sun to rise. Clients who know how to win don’t take chances!
  • We streamline your project and give you truly personalized attention, making sure we get your job done about as fast as you can send us your info.

Our templates are unique, in mobile or desktop

  • Top-of-the-line, gorgeous eBay Templates that are fully Mobile Responsive and a pleasure for shoppers to use
  • eBay Templates and Designs with the fastest load-times, giving you better SEO & Keyword results
  • 100% Compliant with eBay rules
  • Unique design, none of our templates are with same design
  • Fully eBay Compatible, eBay Certified Designs that work on every device, every time!
  • Fully Mobile Responsive eBay Listing Templates that contain NO Active Content
  • Statistically Proven to help Professional eBay Listers sell more products for a better profit

Many eBay sellers believe they should sell highly requested products, wanted by millions of customers, i.e.
Apple iPhones or Gucci Handbags.

This is a probably the fastest way to KILL your eBay business, and the WORST strategy you can choose.
A small eBay business is more likely to grow and succeed by focusing on marketing.
Having an Eye Catching Mobile Responsive Template, will attract your customers and will boost your business in another level.

Our priority is to create a design which is based on the requirement of a particular business or client.

We go through the business profile and come up with the unique idea to design and create proper eBay store for our clients.

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