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General inquiries FAQ's

  • How many revisions are included?

    We believe in delivering a product that exceeds your expectations. The number of revisions included varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Typically, we offer a set number of revisions as specified in our proposal. However, we’re always open to discussing additional revisions if needed to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In the event that you’re not satisfied with the initial deliverables, we encourage open communication. We offer revisions to address any concerns and make necessary adjustments to meet your expectations. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you are delighted with the final outcome.

  • To start your order, we’ll need some essential information. Firstly, a clear description of your project, including your objectives, preferences, and any specific details you have in mind. Additionally, any relevant files, branding guidelines, or assets you already have will be immensely helpful in ensuring the project aligns with your vision.

  • Placing an order with Kostricani Studio is a simple process. Go to Find Task choose the service you want and click “Hire me for a task” and follow the steps.

  • Yes, we believe in building long-term relationships. We offer post-project support to assist you with any queries or further enhancements you may need. Your satisfaction and success are important to us even after the project is completed.

  • Kostricani Studio offers a wide range of services including web design and development, graphic design, Amazon Services, UI/UX design, branding, and identity services. We are dedicated to creating compelling online experiences tailored to meet your unique needs.

  • Getting in touch with us is easy! You can reach out to us through our Contact Page on our website. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll respond promptly.

  • At Kostricani Studio, we prioritize your vision and satisfaction, our huge experience makes us understand your needs quickly. We offer a personalized and transparent approach, ensuring clear communication, secure transactions, and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality. Our dedicated team works collaboratively with you to achieve outstanding results.

  • To change or cancel your order, please navigate to the “Order” page within your account. From there, you’ll have the option to request modifications or cancel the order. Please note that cancellation requests are subject to our order processing timelines, so it’s recommended to make any changes as soon as possible to ensure they’re accommodated.

  • We offer flexible payment options to suit your convenience. You can make payments via PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer, or any other preferred method. We provide upfront quotes and only release payments upon your approval, ensuring transparency and your peace of mind.