A little bit of joy: “Hi, I’m an Amazon seller” (episode 3)

When building a business, inspiration can come from anywhere, from kids eating habits, to creating products that make your customer’s lives easier, or wanting to spread joy to loved ones.

In the third episode of the “Hi, I’m an Amazon Seller” series, we speak with two Amazon sellers who share their advice for new sellers (including how to build effective detail page content), what their customers mean to them, and what inspires them. Watch episode three to learn more about our featured sellers, and shop their stores at the links below.

Dean-Paul Hart, President and CEO of Compac Industries

Compac Industries is a Georgia-based, family-operated small business founded by Dean-Paul’s Jamaican immigrant father founded in 1980. Today, Compac Industries creates and distributes inventive household products, ranging from kitchen gadgets, to oral care, to baby accessories, and beyond. With core values deeply rooted in the family’s faith, Compac Industries aims to deliver innovative solutions that make life simpler to people of all ages.

Shop Compac Industries brands on Amazon: BrilliantBaby BuddyBetter Grillin’Brush My TeethCompac Home, and HartFelt

Amanda Eddy, Founder of Amanda Deer Jewelry

Amanda fell in love with jewelry design after taking a jewelry-making class. Soon, she was juggling her full-time job as a marketing manager in the tech industry and creating jewelry at night. With the belief that dainty jewelry can be fun and affordable, Amanda launched the Amanda Deer Jewelry brand and began selling jewelry in 2009. Several years later, Amanda quit her day job to run the business full time, opening the brand’s first storefront in downtown Austin, TX in 2018. The brand’s jewelry line is designed and created by an all-female team.

Video transcript:

00:09 – [Dean-Paul] Yeah, sometimes we’re quick just to rush to be there. So how do you tell your brand, your story, your heart, not just through the visuals and the videos, but also through the copy and thinking about what you’re writing.

00:28 – [Dean-Paul] So there’s this sweet mix that comes in the aim of what do we want to write? It’s that ready, aim, you know where you want to go. And then fire away.

00:41 – [Amanda] Having really great photography is super important. Not just on white background, but how big are they? What do they look like on? Really important to try to convey how it will look if somebody buys it.

01:03 – [Amanda] I mean, I know everybody says this, but we have the best customers ever. You know, they love jewelry. They leave us amazing reviews. They wear our pieces and they snap themselves in it, like tag us. And it’s just, it’s the best.

01:17 – [Amanda] And I think people being able to send a little bit of joy to somebody, whether that was a pair of earrings or a bracelet or a necklace, and then with a little written message along with it was a really big thing.

01:30 – [Dean-Paul] Just recently, a family with trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain. This is a son that’s in his thirties, has never been able to brush went to Amazon found our special soft toothbrush. And for the first time in his life, they were able to brush more than three seconds.

01:46 – [Dean-Paul] Now, I have no concept of that because brushing is normal, quote unquote, for me, right? But what we found is that our customer stories engage us to continue pushing on and on.

02:07 – [Amanda] My son turns three next month and doing things for him, and growing everything for him is really important to me. You know my family did everything for me and my sister growing up so that we had a really great childhood and I really feel like everything I do is just for him.

02:28 – [Dean-Paul] – My dad, no doubt. I’ve seen him as we moved from Jamaica, kind of run his own business, whether it was a dry cleaner or box maker, and come here and seen him drive around this country. That when I was a kid, I wanted to be a business man. I didn’t want to be a fireman, a policeman, not that there’s anything wrong there, but I had seen what he was able to do in caring for people, whether it was our staff or customers or consumers.

02:54 – [Dean-Paul] And so, you know, I love the fact that he’s 83 and still involved in the business. And I hope my heart beats a little bit of his heart as well.

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