Experiment your way to sales growth using our new A/B testing options

Manage Your Experiments is now easier to use. New features will help you test more aspects of your product listings, which can increase customer interest and sales up to 25%.

Successful brands understand the importance of storytelling to create meaningful, long-term connections with customers. But many brands struggle with how to tell that story.

How do you determine whether your story is resonating with customers?

How do you know if your content is actually impacting sales?

Amazon can help you answer these questions. With hundreds of millions of customers searching listings in our store, we enable sellers to efficiently run experiments to optimize their listings content and product positioning.

With our collection of free, self-service branding and marketing tools like A+ Content, you can showcase your brand and optimize your content performance using customer data.

Gather insights from A/B testing

With Manage Your Experiments, you can run A/B tests (aka “split tests”) on product listings to compare two versions of content against each other to see which performs better.

During an A/B test, one group of customers sees one version of the content (Version A), while a second group sees the other (Version B). At the end of an experiment, you can review which version drove higher sales and conversion, then publish the winning content.

Using Manage Your Experiments can help increase sales by up to 25% (based on observations from experiments created by sellers).

What’s new?

At this year’s Accelerate, we announced several new Manage Your Experiments features that will be available by the end of this year. You’ll soon be able to experiment with even more content on the product detail page.

4 new features to improve your content experiments

These new features make the Manage Your Experiments tool more efficient and effective:

  • Title and image notifications. Machine learning-based recommendations for product image and product title experiments will now help you ensure there is a big enough difference between your Version A and Version B content when you design your experiment, which helps ensure you’ll get a conclusive result.
  • Auto-publish. A new opt-in feature allows you to “set it and forget it” by auto-publishing the winning experiment version to your detail page.
  • Bullet points and product description testing. Previously, A/B testing was limited to product title, main image, and A+ Content. Now you can also test bullet points and product descriptions to optimize even more content within a product listing.
  • Experiment to significance. With the option to “test to significance” (based upon interaction with listings), instead of a specific time frame, experiments can be completed faster.

How to get started with experiments

Manage Your Experiments is available in Seller Central at no charge to Amazon brand owners enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

Follow these five steps to run comparative tests with Manage Your Experiments and unlock insights on what phrases, images, and offers perform best:

  1. Plan your experiment
  2. Create Version B of your content
  3. Set up your experiment
  4. Run your experiment
  5. Interpret your results

Grow your business by optimizing your content with Manage Your Experiments today.

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