Automate and grow your Amazon business with the Selling Partner Appstore

Do you find yourself spending too much time on tedious tasks or struggling to manage complex processes for your business? There are Amazon-approved apps ready to help.

Over 1.4 million Amazon sellers use apps to help them create listings, manage inventory, streamline accounting, and much more. Some of these apps may sound familiar—like Helium10, QuickBooks, or Salesforce—while others you haven’t heard of may be just the solution you’re looking for. There are over 2,500 other apps available in the Selling Partner Appstore, each designed to help you identify and pursue areas of growth, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce the time it takes for you to run your business.

With apps in the Selling Partner Appstore, you can:

  • Optimize your Amazon listings by testing keywords, images, and text
  • Automatically adjust your prices in real-time to keep up with market conditions
  • Build an advertising campaign that converts, and then scale it across products and channels
  • Find products to sell with high demand and low supply
  • Integrate your accounting with Seller Central so that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Keep track of your inventory and avoid running out of stock

On average, sellers see a 10% uplift in sales after adopting apps and experience a 43% shorter time to first sale after listing.

 “Discovering the right apps, at the right moment, is a tremendous opportunity for sellers to scale their businesses through automation, and the Selling Partner Appstore simplifies this discovery. “

Mighty Paw unleashes their growth using apps

Amazon seller Corey Smith believes happy dogs make for happy people, which is why he is on a mission to bring dogs and their owners closer together. With Mighty Paw, he is making this a reality.

Prior to founding Mighty Paw, Corey worked as a physical therapist. While training for marathons, his wife often returned from long runs with their dog, Barley, with pain in her arms and shoulders from holding the leash. Corey got to work and applied his expertise in physiology to design a running dog leash made out of reflective thread and attached to a belt with a bungee. This innovation gave birth to Mighty Paw. Mighty Paw now sells a wide range of high-quality products, such as durable dog harnesses, lick bowls and pads, and natural yak cheese dog chews. “In everything we do, we are always thinking about what makes the dog safer and happier,” Corey explains.

These high-quality and innovative products have created a large, and quickly growing, base of loyal customers. However, with the growth of the business comes new challenges. When Mighty Paw started selling in Amazon’s stores, they used Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) right away. But as their catalog grew, keeping the right level of inventory, understanding how products were performing, and tracking advertising spending all required significant time and energy. That’s when Corey discovered the Amazon-approved apps available on the Selling Partner Appstore. These apps have been a game-changer for Mighty Paw, allowing Corey and his team to automate and streamline many parts of the business.

 Apps . . . have helped catapult Mighty Paw’s growth in a really big way.

Corey Smith
Founder, Mighty Paw

Through the use of these apps, Corey has been able to keep costs low, simplify operations, and ensure a better customer experience. “To be able to do supply chain and warehouse management with 1 or 2 people, versus a team, [and] being able to have apps do it for you—it’s really seamless.”

With the help of these apps, Corey can spend more time playing his most important role: husband and father. “Being a dad is very important to me, and I want to be a present dad, not just a dad that is close by,” Corey explains, “You have to be able to prioritize and look for shortcuts, and the apps and the [Selling Partner] Appstore make that all possible.”

How to use the Selling Partner Appstore

1. Log in to your seller account

Within Seller Central, use the main navigation drop-down to find “Apps and Services” and then click on “Selling Partner Appstore.” You can also visit the Selling Partner Appstore home page and log in to your seller account from there.

2. Browse to find the right solutions for your business

With over 2,500 apps available in 16 categories ranging from product scouting to shipping, and everything in between, you may feel overwhelmed finding the right one for your unique business needs. We added filters to help you determine what apps are right for you:

  • Ratings from other sellers
  • Amazon programs supported, such as “Fulfilled by Amazon” (FBA), “Brand owner,” or “Amazon Business”
  • Pricing
  • Languages
  • Countries you sell in

3. Do your due diligence

Once you find an app you’re interested in, visit the detail page to learn more. You can read about the specific functionality of an app, review its pricing, and see what other verified users think of it. If you like what you see on their detail page, you’re encouraged to visit the app’s website for more information.

4. Register for the app

Once you have made your decision about using an app, you will follow the payment and set-up steps on the app’s website. Some apps will have a free trial for you to test out whether an app works for you. All app payments are external to Amazon, and you will pay directly to the app.

5. Connect the app to your Seller Central account

Ready to use an app to take your business to the next level? You can authorize the app you select to securely connect to your Seller Central account by clicking the “Authorize Now” button on the detail page in the App Store. Once you do this, the app will connect with your Seller Central account and data will flow between the Seller Central and the App.

Apps in the Selling Partner Appstore are secure and compliant

Amazon has a continuous vetting process for all third-party apps listed on the Selling Partner Appstore to ensure they meet rigorous security requirements. These requirements govern everything from data protection and data use transparency to accurate pricing and no false advertising. Additionally, we monitor and audit apps to ensure they continue to properly handle information and don’t violate customer trust. If they’re not compliant, we have enforcement mechanisms in place. If you’ve authorized an app that fails an audit, you will receive a notification if the app is possibly going to be disabled, giving you time to find a new solution. You can rest easy knowing any apps you find in the Selling Partner Appstore are held to the highest standards.

Not sure where to start?

View resources on the Selling Partner Appstore to explore our Beginner’s Guide, read curated blogs on apps, watch recorded webinars with specific apps, and learn more about how to navigate the Selling Partner Appstore.

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