Cora & Stefan Build Organic Loyalty

Starting a family can be one of the biggest changes a person faces in their lives. When Cora and Stefan Miller started their family, their son’s birth helped them realize how important representation and diversity is, even in kids hair care products.

Cora and Stefan Miller didn’t set out to be small business owners—they were quite comfortable in the corporate world, until the birth of their son sparked an idea that changed their life. On this week’s episode of Amazon’s This is Small Business podcast, host Andrea Marquez speaks with the Miller family, learning how their son’s birth helped inspire a business that has brought positive change for many parents and families with curly-headed children.

“They always say, when you have children, your whole world and your perspective on life changes, and that’s exactly what happened,” Cora said, “I had my son Kade in January 2017. And he was born with all of this hair.”

After welcoming Kade to the world, Cora and Stefan started to notice there was a gap in the market for hair care products tailored to people like their son—young boys of color. They started asking friends and family if they noticed the same thing when purchasing hair care products, and when the resounding answer was “yes,” Young King Hair Care was born. Young King Hair Care is a plant-based, natural hair care line crafted for boys with curly hair.

The Miller’s bootstrapped their business organically, focusing on their community and social media to help get the word out and build loyalty. Stefan, who serves as CMO of Young King Hair Care, spoke with Andrea at length about how they prioritize, nurture, and activate their community.

 Understand why they [your community] are choosing to invest their time. Why are they giving your brand time in their life? You have to be an active listener as a brand owner. 

Stefan Miller
Co-founder, Young King Hair Care
Listen to episode four to hear how Young King Hair Care built their business, engaged their community, and improved representation for children with hair like their son.

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