Simplify product safety with Manage Your Compliance dashboard

Amazon’s “Manage Your Compliance” dashboard helps sellers save time and focus on growing their business by consolidating safety and regulatory requirements management in one place.

What is compliance and why does it matter?

Compliance is critical to promoting safety for Amazon customers, employees, and partners, and ensuring that the products sold on Amazon meet regulatory requirements. It’s important that products sold in Amazon’s store are safe for customers to use, and that everyone who shops and sells in Amazon’s store must be able to trust that the products are held to the highest standards.

Products that don’t comply with safety and regulatory standards can put customer health at risk. If a products lacks the right compliance documentation, your listings could be removed, which might affect your Account Health. If you ship internationally, non-compliant items might get stopped in customs. And if you have inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers, non-compliant products might be destroyed.

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Manage Your Compliance dashboard

The Manage Your Compliance dashboard allows you to upload and manage product compliance documents one at a time or through bulk uploads, and manage, submit, track, and complete safety and regulatory requirements in one place (login to Seller Central to view your dashboard).

Manage Your Compliance reduces the time you spend completing compliance requirements, including appeals. In the past, sellers with multiple listings had to respond to compliance one by one. Manage Your Compliance provides a faster, simplified workflow where you can file and organize all necessary information and documentation to show that your products comply with Amazon’s policies and government standards and regulations.

The dashboard shows the required compliance documentation for your products. For each product with compliance requirements, the dashboard shows the product name and image, the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), and the Stock Keeping Unit number (SKU). Under “Compliance requirements,” you can see the specific documents or information required for each product, and in the next column, you’ll find the date by which they must be provided. You can also see the approval status for any documentation or information you’ve submitted. Additionally, you can see your net estimated sales from the past 60 days for each product, which can help you prioritize the products with compliance needs that also have the highest impact for your business.

Manage Your Compliance dashboard


Key features of the Manage Your Compliance dashboard


1. Submit documents and manage appeals in bulk

Submit or appeal documents one-by-one or via bulk document upload. To use the bulk feature, you can download a spreadsheet with all of your listings and compliance issues, add the necessary compliance information for each product listed, then re-upload the spreadsheet to the dashboard to fulfill requirements across multiple listings. Upload documentation for up to 5,000 ASINs at one time.

2. Access any services needed to achieve compliance

The compliance reference tool is designed to help you navigate compliance obligations across product categories and types, and helps you stay up-to-date on changing requirements. Compliance reference provides information on compliance requirements for products, such as import or export regulations in the country you want to ship from or sell in, or if your product is subject to product safety and compliance requirements such as toys or baby products, or products that contain batteries. It’s where you can learn more about what documentation you need to sell in each store, followed by guided lab services in the event that you need additional support.

Using compliance reference, you can search compliance content using keyword or product type, and see providers who can assist you with fulfilling the associated requirements. However, you will need to do your own research to ensure that the service providers are right for you and that their services are up to date.


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