Daniel nails product presentation

Have you ever wondered how the olives in your drinks are made? Daniel Singer has an answer. He took a two-year-long pilgrimage with his brother, tried 230 olive varieties, and founded Filthy Foods, all to bring high-quality cocktail olives to the market.

This week on Amazon’s This is Small Business podcast, host Andrea Marquez talks with Filthy Foods founder and CEO Daniel Singer, who has a particular ethos when it comes to how he approaches business, starting with his company name.

“I’m from a little island in Europe where it’s always raining. And, Marc, my brother is only 10 months younger than me. So as kids, we were always outside and playing and getting covered in mud, and always being happy,” Daniel says. “My mom was always like, ‘Look at you. You’re bloody filthy the pair of you. You’re bloody filthy!’ So, we thought wouldn’t it be interesting to start a company that was really maniacal about quality and guest experience, and call it ‘Filthy’?”

Filthy Foods might sound dirty, but their packaging is simple and vibrant, and their company goal is clear: to make high-quality garnishes for people who care about cocktails. But their branding wasn’t always that simple.

Listen to episode eight to get insight into Filthy Foods’ packaging philosophy and how Daniel looks at unboxing as a key element of marketing their products. Plus, you’ll hear from Kaila Piepkow, the owner and creative director of Dox Design, a packaging design studio. Kaila shares her thoughts on the unboxing experience, and how it plays a role in marketing a brand.

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