Launch products with 4-star ratings using Customer Review Insights

Amazon’s new Customer Review Insights tool gives sellers actionable information gathered from customer reviews to help you develop and launch your next top-rated product.

Customer insights at Amazon scale

Amazon’s famous star-rating system in customer reviews is an important indicator of a product’s success—and an important source of feedback for sellers looking for insight on how to improve their product or invent a new one.

Our new Customer Review Insights tool automates product review analysis, reducing the manual effort it takes to read and analyze thousands of reviews. We designed this new feature to inform sellers about customer preferences and product trends, and help you make decisions related to product launch and development.

Find the next big idea in your niche

Customer Review Insights is a new feature of Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer, a free tool in Amazon Seller Central that provides rich data to help you understand, gauge, and evaluate product opportunities in Amazon’s store.

Customer Review Insights aggregates customer reviews in a given niche, to help you identify what customers like and dislike from existing product reviews. This data is available at the ASIN level and niche level (a “niche” is a collection of customer search terms representing a customer need, and the top products that cumulatively received 80% of clicks from those search terms).

Together with existing Product Opportunity Explorer metrics, Customer Review Insights provides the necessary business intelligence to determine the top qualities and specifications of successful products.

Star-rating plus machine learning

We apply natural language processing and machine learning to customer reviews to identify trends, actionable insights, and the most important topics that impact a products’ star rating.

With Customer Review Insights, you can:

  • Identify features that customers love
  • Recognize potential gaps or shortcomings in in your current selection
  • Benchmark your listings against best-in-class products
  • Track defect trends across a product category
  • Automate product review analysis

Learn what positive (and negative) reviews share in common

Customer Review Insights provides two separate tables: one for positive reviews, and one for negative reviews. Each table ranks the most important topics and their impact on star rating, as identified across reviews from a given ASIN or niche.

Alongside each topic you’ll also find “review snippets,” words and phrases that provide more context about what customers are actually saying about the topic—what they like or dislike.

An example of Customer Review Insights, available in the Product Opportunity Explorer section of Seller Central (U.S.).

U.S. sellers can get Customer Review Insight now in Product Opportunity Explorer (Seller Central login required), and we’re bringing it to EU geographies next year.

We eager to make even more improvements to the Product Opportunity Explorer, and welcome your feedback. Please click “Rate this Page” within Product Opportunity Explorer to share your opinion.

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