Drive sales in your first 90 days with the Perfect Launch playbook

As a new Amazon seller, you can benefit from Perfect Launch—whether you own your own brand or specialize in sourcing products and reselling them online. We’ll explore how it works in this post.

The first 90 days of running a new ecommerce store can be overwhelming. The decisions you make in this timeframe can be critical in setting your business up for success, but what steps should you take, and when? That’s where Perfect Launch comes in.

Amazon data scientists looked at Amazon sellers who achieved healthy levels of sales growth over time and identified what programs and tools these sellers shared in common during their first 90 days of selling in the Amazon store. They then statistically validated these drivers of future seller success, and combined them to create a roadmap for your first 90 days. It’s called Perfect Launch.

What is Perfect Launch?

Perfect Launch is a collection of five programs designed to help new Amazon sellers succeed selling online.

Amazon data scientists have found that sellers who use Perfect Launch are 5.2x more likely to generate $100K in first-year revenue than other sellers.

The five parts of Perfect Launch are:

  • Brand Registry
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • A+ Content
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Automate Pricing

New-to-Amazon sellers can qualify for incentives to help with adopting Perfect Launch. These include a variety of bonuses, credits, discounts, and more. You might also be eligible for tailored support to help launch and grow your business.

Who is Perfect Launch for?

Whether you sell books, kitchen appliances, or a new invention you designed yourself, Perfect Launch can help you get established in Amazon’s store.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Perfect Launch. All Amazon sellers can try:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon to earn the Prime badge and offer 2-day shipping to customers
  • Sponsored Products to increase sales with custom advertising options
  • Automate Pricing to identify competitive price points

In addition, brand owners who enroll in Brand Registry can unlock these extras:

  • A+ Content to improve the customer experience with enhanced product listings
  • Sponsored Brands to boost brand awareness
  • More benefits, such as the New Brand Bonus and Amazon Vine reviews

Don’t have an active registered trademark? Learn about the advantages of building a brand in the Amazon store to gain access to a suite of tools and support available only to Amazon sellers.

Pro Tip
Drive sales beyond the 90-day mark
If you’ve been selling in the Amazon store for over three months, check out these tips on how to increase product visibility, promote products, and build brand awareness.

How does Perfect Launch help you drive sales?

Perfect Launch approaches ecommerce growth from multiple angles to help you achieve success selling online. Let’s go over all five parts of Perfect Launch and what they can do for your ecommerce business.

1. Brand Registry: Build a homebase for your brand

You can enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to access advanced programs and exclusive tools for improving conversion and discoverability.

Brand Registry can also help you:

  • Ensure customers see accurate listing information
  • Protect against counterfeits
  • Report any suspected intellectual property violations

After you set up an Amazon seller account, use your Seller Central login information to enroll in Brand Registry before you list products.

More than 700,000 brands are enrolled in Brand Registry. If you don’t have a trademark, and would like to file one, you can use IP Accelerator to connect with an attorney who can help.

Find out about more upsides to registering your brand through Perfect Launch.

2. Fulfillment by Amazon: Boost sales with two-day shipping

Fast and efficient shipping can be a gamechanger: 84% of customers consider shipping an important part of their online shopping experience.

Seller central FBA inventory lo-fi illustration

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to tap into Amazon’s global fulfillment network and offer efficient and reliable two-day shipping. Send products to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where we can handle storage, packing, shipping, and customer service for those products. Sellers who use FBA increase sales by 25% on average.

Register products for FBA through Seller Central. Then, simply package and ship inventory to your designated Amazon fulfillment center and outsource the rest of the order fulfillment process.

Learn more about FBA incentives for new sellers.

3. A+ Content: Increase brand engagement

Ready to list products? Connect with customers and weave your branding into product listings with A+ Content.

A+ Content helps you showcase products and your brand with a combination of text and compelling visuals to entice shoppers and help them make educated buying decisions. You can use A+ Content to:

  • Dive deeper into the technical specs of a product
  • Add text elements and rich imagery
  • Enhance the customer shopping experience with branded elements

Access A+ Content from the Advertising tab from the main menu on Seller Central. Once you’re on the A+ Content homepage, follow the prompts to build enhanced product content with bullet points, infographics, and more.

Pro Tip
Run A/B tests to see what sells
After you’ve deployed A+ Content, you can run A/B tests to see if certain types of content are performing better than others. Use Manage Your Experiments to compare different versions of titles, prices, and other parts of a product description and see what drives more sales.

4. Advertising: Get more eyes on products

Campaign manager lo-fi illustration

Resellers and brand owners can harness Amazon advertising to help customers around the globe find the products you sell.

Two ways to advertise products in Amazon’s store are Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. Sponsored Products is open to all sellers. Sponsored Brands is available to brand owners who’ve enrolled in Brand Registry.

Sponsored Products

Promote items with high-visibility ads using Sponsored Products, available to all Amazon sellers. This type of advertising is a cost-per-click ad (CPC), meaning you only pay when someone clicks on an ad. Sponsored Product ads appear on search results pages. Here’s how to run them:

  • Choose which products you want to advertise and figure out how much you want to spend
  • Under the advertising tab, select ‘campaign manager’ then click ‘create campaign’
  • Choose the campaign type (Sponsored Products)

What keywords should you use? Think about the products you sell and how you might describe them to a potential customer. Then brainstorm related words and phrases someone might use when searching for a similar product in Amazon stores. After you’ve chosen the products you want to feature in an ad and selected keywords, set a CPC bid, and launch the campaign.

Sellers see an average weekly lift of +40% in units ordered and +54% in glance views within the first year after launching a Sponsored Products campaign.

Sponsored Brands

If you own a brand and enroll in Brand Registry, you can also give listings a boost in visibility using Sponsored Brands.

This feature is similar to Sponsored Products, but you can use it to display your logo, a custom headline, and up to three products. Sponsored Brand ads appear in more places like search and product pages, and on top of, alongside, or within shopping results.

To create a Sponsored Brand campaign, follow the same steps listed above for Sponsored Products, and select Sponsored Brands from the ad type page.

Here’s how to optimize Sponsored Product campaigns:

More Promotional Support

Brand owners who enroll in Brand Registry can also leverage other types of advertising, including running deals and offering coupons.

You might also benefit from personalized support from an Amazon Ads specialist on Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns to help you reach your goals. Our dedicated ad specialists can help set up, review, and optimize Sponsored Ad campaigns. They can also share recommendations on keywords, bids, budgets, and more. Check your eligibility in Seller Central to receive free one-on-one support from a specialist in the Amazon Ads team (login required).

Learn more about advertising with Perfect Launch.

5. Automate Pricing: Set competitive price points that will convert

You can use Amazon’s free Automate Pricing tool to dynamically adjust prices to stay competitive.

Through Seller Central, under the Pricing tab, select Automate Pricing. You’ll create a pricing rule by setting a minimum and maximum price that will automatically lower to match the competition. You can start with the built-in “competitive price rule,” or create your own. Select how you want to compete, which products you want to apply the rule to, and begin repricing.

You can also use Automate Pricing to:

  • Update prices in bulk for multiple SKUs across your catalog
  • Respond to changes in prices (for example, during peak times)
  • Stay $0.02 below the lowest third-party seller price (on offers from sellers with a feedback rating within 5% of yours or higher)
  • Match the Featured Offer price

Timeline: 5 steps to drive sales in your first 90 days

Ready to grow your business in Amazon’s store? Here’s a timeline to help keep you on track and on target with store setup and sales goals.

1. Brand Registry

  • 2-10 business days to verify and process
  • 1-2 business days for account activation
  • Incentive unlocked: 5% back on first $1M in branded sales

2. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

  • Activation within 24 hours
  • Incentive unlocked: Take $100 off inbound FBA shipping using the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program, or $200 in fulfillment fee credits for using Amazon Global Logistics

3. A+ Content

  • Approval within 7 business days
  • Incentive unlocked: Enroll one product in Vine for free for up to 30 trusted reviews ($200 value)

4. Advertising

  • Up to 3 business days for review of a Sponsored Product ad
  • Up to 72 hours for review of a Sponsored Brand ad
  • Seller incentive unlocked: Get $50 credit for Sponsored Product ads (bids are up to you)

5. Automate Pricing

  • Effective immediately

Diving into ecommerce can be intimidating, but Perfect Launch is here to help you grow an Amazon store with confidence.

Benefits to starting with Perfect Launch

At each stage of implementing Perfect Launch within your first 90 days, you become eligible for new seller incentives totaling over $50K in potential benefits, in each of these three stores:

  • United States store
  • European stores (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain)
  • Japan store

1. 5% back on the first $1,000,000 in new brand sales

Once you’ve completed registering your brand with Amazon Brand Registry and receive a first sale, you become eligible to receive a 5% bonus on up to $1,000,000 in branded sales, per store (in the United States, EU-5, and Japan).

2. 90 days of free storage with FBA

After you’ve listed a product for sale and enrolled in Fulfillment by Amazon, send inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center for 90 days free storage on up to 50 units of product.

3. $100 off inbound FBA shipping using the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program, or $200 in fulfillment fee credits for using Amazon Global Logistics

You’ll receive a discount when you ship inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center within the first year of becoming a seller. Learn more about the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program and Amazon Global Logistics.

4. Up to $50 in free clicks toward a Sponsored Ad, plus up to $50 in credits toward initial coupons

After you’ve listed products and sent them to an Amazon fulfillment center, promote a product within 60 days by launching a Sponsored Ad campaign. Set your own bids with your new seller incentive credit. Set up a coupon and receive up to $50 in fee credits toward your initial coupon.

5. Enroll one product in Vine for free for up to 30 reviews

Amazon Vine is a community of Amazon reviewers who write insightful product reviews to help fellow customers make informed purchasing decisions. Getting Vine reviews can create brand awareness and boost sales.

Perfect Launch FAQ

Q: What is Perfect Launch?
A: Perfect Launch is a five-part playbook to launch your business on Amazon during your first 90 days. Amazon data scientists found that on average, sellers achieving Perfect Launch generate 6.3x more first-year revenue than other sellers.

The five parts of Perfect Launch are:

  • Brand Registry: Protect and grow your brand
  • Fulfillment by Amazon: Tap into Amazon’s global fulfillment network and offer 2-day shipping to Prime customers
  • A+ Content: Showcase your brand and create enticing product features
  • Sponsored Ads: Help customers connect with products and increase engagement with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands
  • Automated Pricing: Adjust prices automatically to stay competitive
Q: How do I enroll in Perfect Launch?
A: All Amazon sellers are automatically eligible for the following upon listing a first product for sale:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Sponsored Products advertising
  • Automate Pricing

Opt into each of these three Perfect Launch components through Seller Central to increase sales and grow your brand.

In addition, brand owners can register a brand using Brand Registry. This step unlocks access to additional Perfect Launch options:

  • A+ Content
  • Sponsored Brands advertising
  • More benefits including the New Brand Bonus and Vine

New-to-Amazon sellers can qualify for further bonuses and credits, including deals and coupons. You might also be eligible for one-on-one support to help launch and grow your business. Learn more about new seller incentives.

You can learn more about Brand Registry eligibility here. If you do not have a trademark, and would like to file one, try IP Accelerator to connect with an attorney who can help.

Q: Who is Perfect Launch for?
A: New-to-Amazon sellers who want to grow quickly and expand their reach online can benefit from Perfect Launch in the first 90 days of selling in Amazon’s store.

If you don’t have an existing trademark or patent, learn more about the benefits of building a brand in the Amazon store.

If you’ve been selling in Amazon’s store for over 90 days, check out these tips on how to increase product visibility, promote products, and build brand awareness.

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