This is Small Business podcast: Season 1 rewind with Danyel Surrency Jones

Throughout the first season of the This is Small Business podcast, host Andrea Marquez had fascinating conversations with small business owners and experts, and she’s been filing her learning in a “small business playbook.” Now, she’s ready to share her key takeaways.

Andrea’s guest for the season finale is Danyel Surrency Jones, an Amazon seller and CEO and co-founder of POWERHANDZ, a global athletic training and rehabilitation product tech company that produces gloves that help improve accuracy and strength for a variety of sports. Danyel is also the co-founder, board chair, and president for The Power to Give Foundation, which is the non-profit side of POWERHANDZ.

 Do not ever look to the right or look to the left and think that someone has a better story than you do. Believe in the story that is written for you.

Danyel Surrency Jones
CEO and co-founder of POWERHANDZ

Andrea organizes her “small business playbook” into three categories: how to start a business, how to build a business, and how to grow. For each category, we hear from past podcast guests, and Danyel shares how each key takeaway resonates with her and how she’s built her businesses.

When Andrea recalled what she learned about the importance of trademarks and legal protection from episode seven, Danyel shared this:

 We have three patents that are part of POWERHANDZ. On day one, we knew that when we created our first emerging technology—which was our anti-grip, weighted basketball gloves—there was nothing like that out there in the market. We wanted to make sure that we were not only the first, but that we also had it finalized from a legal perspective. So we do have a design and utility patent that is associated with that particular product, as well as our name POWERHANDZ from a trademark perspective, and our tagline “train with purpose.” We had a lawyer in the very beginning who focused on business law as well as intellectual property. That is very important.

Listen to the season finale to hear the rest of Andrea’s key takeaways from the small business owners and experts she interviewed throughout the season. Go back and listen to season one of This is Small Business anywhere you get your podcasts, and make sure to subscribe for season two, coming in 2023.

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