Top 10 training videos for new Amazon sellers

New to selling in the Amazon store? Looking to grow your business with some new strategies and core features?

Seller University is a free learning program to help you get started and build a business with Amazon. SU offers a wide range of content—including PDFs, eLearnings, webinars, and videos—on both YouTube and Seller Central (login required) where sellers can rate content. Here are the top 10 videos from the past year.

1. Tips to reduce claims and returns

Returns, refunds, and customer claims are part of the selling journey. Understanding the processes can help keep your business running smoothly. However, increased refunds or returns could indicate a larger problem. Learn some tips in this video that Amazon sellers have used to reduce their claims and returns and protect their account health.


2. Maintain your Amazon inventory with the restock tool

When you sell in the Amazon store, you can choose to either fulfill orders yourself or take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon, known as FBA. Letting Amazon’s fulfillment network handle orders can help streamline and optimize your business. This video breaks down the restock tool, an inventory management feature for FBA. Watch to learn how you can use the tool to help increase conversion for your products by improving your chances of offering more one-day or same-day shipping options.


3. Understanding the order cancellation process

Cancellations happen, whether a customer made an accidental order or an order can’t be fulfilled due to inventory issues. If you understand the process, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about in handling cancellations. Need a refresher on how to handle an order cancellation, or need to cancel an order yourself? Watch this video for a full breakdown.


4. Introduction to virtual bundles

When taking advantage of FBA, you send inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers to be stored, and we handle fulfillment when you receive an order. Registered brand owners can make extra use of FBA inventory with virtual bundles, which allow you to create bundled offers for your products without physically combining them yourself. Use this video to learn how virtual bundles work, and how you can use them to maximize your FBA inventory.


5. Become the featured offer

The Featured Offer is the prominent offer on an Amazon product detail page with “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. Earning this placement is based on several factors, and may lead to increased sales. This video explains how the Featured Offer works, and how you can improve the chances of your products earning the placement.


Did you know?
Seller University provides free training from Amazon
Seller U courses, videos, and webinars answer your questions about selling in the Amazon store with step-by-step explanations and strategies to grow your business. The catalog is updated regularly by a dedicated team of Amazon learning professionals. Find Seller University when you sign in to Seller Central (under “Learn”), or check out the Seller University YouTube channel.


6. Overview of Amazon selling policies

We have policies in place to ensure that both customers and sellers have the best experience possible in the Amazon store. This video is perfect for new sellers looking to understand relevant policies and keep their account in good standing, or if you just need a quick refresher.


7. Understand your account health metrics

Your account health metrics measure how you’re performing in the Amazon store. They can help you understand the experience you’re providing customers and identify opportunities for improvement. Your account health can also inform you of any Amazon selling policy infringements. Checking your account health regularly is key for staying on top of performance.


8. Improving the customer experience with Brand Health

When you own or manage a brand in the Amazon store, you can enroll in Brand Registry to access brand-specific tools and features. Alongside advertising options and tools for brand protection, brand owners can also take advantage of Brand Health. Brand Health gives a closer look into product performance to find areas for improvement.


9. Price your products competitively

More often than not, successful products in the Amazon store are priced competitively. While a good price will always appeal to customers, a competitive price can also help with things like Featured Offer placement. If you’re looking for ways to improve performance for your products, these pricing tips can help.


10. Getting started with Amazon Global Selling

If you’re looking to expand your reach to customers around the world, Amazon Global Selling can help. The Global Selling program lets you take advantage of Amazon’s global network to offer your products to customers in Amazon stores around the world. If you’re wondering if Global Selling is the right fit for your business, this video can help you get started.

Want more tips? Visit Seller University in Seller Central (login required). Check regularly for new and updated trainings. Thank you, and happy selling in the Amazon store!

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