Handcrafted: Totally Blown Glassworks

In our “Handcrafted” series, we take you to the studios and workshops of the artisans, artists, and makers selling in Amazon’s store. When glassblower Dehanna Jones walks into her studio each day, she knows exactly what she’ll be creating. A blue votive made by Dehanna Jones of Totally Blown Glassworks Each step of Dehanna Jones’ glassblowing […]

Small Business, Big Moments: Shore Buddies inspires change by turning plastic waste into plush toys

Malte Niebelschuetz, the founder and CEO of innovative toy company, Shore Buddies, makes stuffed animals from recycled plastic bottles to educate children about the importance of keeping plastic waste out of our oceans. When Malte Niebelschuetz left his native Germany in 2010 to come to sunny San Diego, he embraced beach life. Coming from his […]

Amazon announces new benefit for sellers, just in time for the busy holiday shopping season

  Today, Amazon announced a new, free benefit for sellers called Account Health Assurance, which formalizes our commitment to not deactivate a seller’s account as long as they work with us to resolve any issues. Under Account Health Assurance, a member of the Amazon team will proactively reach out and work one-on-one with sellers whose […]

Amazon is testing a simplified experience for seller verification

This experience aims to maintain Amazon’s robust seller verification while offering a more convenient way to begin selling. Our community of nearly two million selling partners is critical to delivering value, selection, and convenience for customers. Most of these sellers are small and medium-sized businesses, and they represent the majority of physical products sold in […]

“How to start a business”

While their companies are drastically different, three Amazon sellers have overcome the same challenge: launching a business while working a full-time job. Now, their companies are thriving in Amazon’s store and creating innovative products. Hear each seller share how they successfully built a business while supporting their families, employees, and customers in Episode 7 of “Hi, […]

“Send to Amazon” improves shipment efficiency for FBA sellers

Amazon’s new Send to Amazon workflow streamlines the shipping process, helping sellers get products to fulfillment centers more efficiently. All new shipments from sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) must be created using the Send to Amazon workflow, or through APIs. Since 2014, Buttonsmith, an American manufacturer based in Redmond, Washington, has sent shipments of its […]

Sellers of Amazon 2022: Where are they now?

There are millions of people who sell in Amazon’s stores, and this year we shared six of their stories in our “Sellers of Amazon” series. Their personal stories—full of triumphs, trials, and advice for other business owners—are proof of what you can achieve through perseverance. A special thanks to the founders of Aldevra LLC, Ethereal Zen Creations, Elite Sweets, Kanda […]

West meets North: How Toyin Kolawole is introducing African flavors to American palates

When Toyin Kolawole completed recipe development for her sweet corn and creamy coconut cornbread, her mind went back to the naturalization ceremony where she became a US citizen in 2008. Toyin recalls tearing up as the judge overseeing the event welcomed the group of immigrants, thanked them for choosing America, and urged them to hold […]